Muslim Hall Of Compromise

Penrith Mosque

A standoff between protesters for and protesters against the construction of a Muslim community hall in Penrith came to a quiet compromise yesterday.

“They agree to keep their meetings quiet, if we get to use the car park for burnouts” said Jayden Ford of South Penrith.
The agreement was signed after Mr Ford offered Youssef Amir a can of Jim Beam and Coke, which was quickly refused.

“Just don’t blow the f___ing place up and we’ve got a deal. Then me, me mum, me step brother, and all me friends all walk away now”

The agreement originally contained a clause which would allow local residents and their children to throw stones at those attending the hall, but was omitted when Mr Amir located  it amid the fine print.

“Mr Ford reserves the right to use the toilet facilities at any time if he or his people need to have sexual relations or give birth, and we think that’s fair. It would appear that everybody gets to preserve their ways of life” Mr Amir stated.

Construction will begin in February with a newly sealed stretch of road being laid first.

Jonas Holt

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