‘Tyrant Obama Goes Too Far!’ President Uses Creamer Without Congressional Approval

obama tearing up constitution

Half way into the final term of Barack Obama’s presidency it’s hard not to think of how his two terms will be looked back on. I’m sure the president himself would prefer people to think of him as a Nobel Peace Prize winner, or be thought of as the man who brought universal healthcare to America. But today, Obama sealed his presidency with one word: Tyrant.

One word is an understatement. According to my thesaurus there’s also; emperor, dictator, king, monarch, despot, autocrat, bully, oppressor, caesar, potentate, martinet, caliph, czar, gerent, kaiser, mafia don, fascist, usurper. But however you choose to describe him, there’s one way you can not: “President.”

Obama, whose favourite past times include literally shredding up the constitution and golf, has finally taken things too far. We’ve sat by and watched as he used his congressionally-approved authority granted under the Immigration and Naturalization Act to unconstitutionally work around congress to provide quasi-amnesty vulnerable illegal immigrants and we said nothing. Sen. Ted Cruz and other Republicans said quite a bit, but my editor and I (“we”) said nothing.

By not speaking up, Obama’s power lust has reached despotic levels. According to anonymous sources, during discussions with future Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, President Obama added creamer to his coffee without congressional approval.

That is not hyperbole. Obama did not even bother to consult Congress before adding the creamer to his coffee. So wanton is his distaste for the separation of powers that he doesn’t even entertain the idea of following proper channels first.

Is this what you wanted when you overwhelmingly re-elected the president? No “please may I have some creamer”, no “do you care dreadfully if I add some creamer to my coffee”. Just take, take, take.

Sen. Cruz was quick to criticise Obama’s flagrant power grab. “Obama has literally shredded the constitution. He has cornered it in an alleyway, drawn a knife and had his way with the constitution.

“And the constitution did not get pregnant because Obama committed legitimate rape and the body has a way of shutting it down during these kinds of cases. But if it did, he would have shredded that too, because he’s pro-baby killing. Sorry, what was the question again?”

So I say to you, Obama, you may be a constitutional scholar but I think you need a refresher on the constitution. We won’t be silent anymore. No more affordable health care. No more protecting vulnerable immigrants. No more creamer to your coffee. We’re ok with the metadata thing.

We will not be silent in the face of literally the most tyrannical ruler America has ever seen. The good King George would be a welcome relief right about now.

Matthew Farthing


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