DVD Collector Sitting On Fortune


54-year-old Altona North resident Martin McMatthew’s advice for those looking to invest for their future is to forego shares, property or managed funds but instead look to DVDs.

McMatthews, a school groundskeeper, is looking to retire and feels that his hobby of collecting DVDs will act as his superannuation. The (un) Australian pressed Mr McMatthews to explain, as DVDs are thought to be a dying medium.

“You’re right DVDs are going out of fashion hence they will only get rarer,” said Mr McMatthews.

The (un) Australian then pressed Mr McMatthews further to which he responded, “Look I go for quality not quantity. For instance I have the entire Cosby Show on DVD and Hey Dad and oh yeah everything Rolf Harris has ever done is in the old collection too. And I know for a fact that these shows are collectors’ items. I mean you go into a JB Hi-fi and ask for the complete Hey Dad you’ll gets some weird looks, especially when you tell them you’re a collector, before being told they’re not available. Supply and demand is working in my favour!”

The (un) Australian asked Mr McMatthews whether he had ever downloaded any shows at which point he terminated the interview and proceed to destroy his laptop’s hard drive.

Mark Williamson


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