Crème Egg Recipe Changes, Sky Falls

Creme Egg

Confectionery manufacturers and diabetes enthusiasts Cadbury, have announced that they have changed the recipe for their popular Crème Egg before Easter this year. Fans of the confection, otherwise known as “people with eating disorders”, are up in arms about the decision.

People have taken to twitter to vent their outrage at the decision to change the flavor, before knowing what it tastes like and, let’s face it, failing to have a good long look at themselves.

The controversy on twitter was picked up by the mainstream media in what surely will be an award winning scoop by whichever moron published the story first.

The (un)Australian asked cancer sufferer if Gladys Trent if she was upset about the change in the Cadbury Crème Egg recipe to which she replied, “Huh?”

We also asked homeless person David Bunning if Cadbury could ever be forgiven for betraying the loyal fans of the original Cadbury Crème Egg recipe? His response was, “What?”

We approached God for comment asking if this decision by Cadbury would indeed ruin Easter, but he didn’t respond because he doesn’t exist.

For many the change of the Cadbury Crème Egg recipe was elegant proof of that.

Ryan Crawford          

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