Fred Nile Condemns Sydney Siege Victims


Conservative Politician and prolific tweeter Fred Nile has today condemned male Sydney Siege victims who ran out of the scene of the siege, the Lindt café. Declaring, they should not receive bravery awards as they could have done more to protect the women in the café.

When asked by The (un) Australian who should be the recipient of the bravery awards Nile answered, “Well a lot of people did a lot of things on the day of the siege that should be rewarded, I know of a certain member of parliament who risked life and limb to go down to Martin Place to take a selfie at the scene of the siege.”

When pushed by The (un) Australian on whether it was indeed himself who he was referring to Mr Nile stopped taking selfie’s for a moment and grinned at the reporter.

At the time of the siege The (un) Australian covered Nile’s self-promoting/self-less visit to the scene click here to read further

 Mark Williamson

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