Moderate Muslims Fail To Condemn Ban On Snowmen


Muslim leaders are under fire for failing to condemn a Saudi cleric who issued a religious ruling stating that constructing snowmen was forbidden. Sheikh Mohammad Saleh al-Munajjiid declared that constructing a snowman was akin to creating an image of a human, an act  forbidden under the dominant brand of Sunni Islam in Saudi Arabia.

Yet according to conservative commentator Len Tatchell, the response from moderate Muslims to this radical ruling has been almost nonexistent.

“Here we are with another demonstration of radical Islam – getting ever more radical –creeping Sharia encroaching further and further upon our freedoms as Sharia is wont to do and what do we hear from the so-called moderate Muslim community? Deafening silence.

“Waleed Aly should condemn this ridiculous attack on freedom and then he should apologise for not condemning it sooner.”

This is not the first occasion in which the ban on creating images of humans has caused consternation, the ruling was also responsible for the great gingerbread controversy of 2007.

Nathan Lentern

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