Al Qaeda Claim Satirical Website The Un-Australian Too Lame To Bother Dying For

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An Australian spokesman for Al Qaeda has laughed off suggestions that The Un-Australian may be the target of a Charlie Hebdo style vendetta.

“Get real. If I’m going to die pointlessly in a hail of bullets it’s got to be worth my while”, said Ibrahim Mousseah, formerly known as Trevor Smith, from Pendle Hill. “I’d maybe take out one of The Chaser boys or that long stick of misery Leunig bloke, but have you even looked at the Un-Australian? It’s just not funny.”

A senior member of the Australian Federal Police snorted mineral water through his nose when it was put to him that the writers of the website should be placed under police guard.

“You mean put them into some kind of witless protection program”, quipped senior detective Frank McClintock of the AFP. “Hey, you’d better use that in your article, that’s a better one liner than any of those toolbags have ever thought up.”

No-one from the website was available to comment as they are currently in hiding after receiving death threats from radical Tom T Hall fans enraged by a recent post that satirised Hall’s 1971 hit record “Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine.”

Peter Green is fired.

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