World Leaders Meet New Threat With Resolute Indecision


Only weeks after the wildly successful climate summit in Peru, with its landmark agreement that all the important and difficult decisions should be put off until later, world leaders have again met at hastily convened emergency talks to tackle a new threat.

Taking advantage of the presence of many heads of state gathered in Paris for a recent international photo opportunity, President Obama called the meeting at the World Economic Forum’s Davos headquarters. Addressing the international press at the summit’s conclusion, President Obama said he had been acting on advice from experts that terrorists posses a device capable of destroying civilisation globally.

“Our scientific and technical advisors have informed us they know where the device is located, when it may be set to go off, and how to disarm it, but we are as yet unable to agree on an appropriate response,” he said. “These are complex matters involving a lot of important people’s money, so there are understandable differences on how to proceed. Rest assured though, we are unanimous in our determination to protect what is important to us.”

A follow up meeting has been agreed, reportedly also involving several billionaires, Rupert Murdoch, CEOs of major transnational corporations, and Matthew McConaughey. Although details are still scarce, a spokesperson for the State Department has confirmed it is slated to take place in the vicinity of Cape Canaveral, one of the United State’s main space launch facilities. President Putin has stated he will not be attending, but it is believed he is planning a similar conference near Baikonur.

The spokesperson denied that Mr McConaughey’s invitation had anything to do with his recent role in “Interstellar”.
Leslie Richmond

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