Facebook Profile Pic Shock: Man Not Who He Thought He Was

A 25 year old man in Albany, Kentucky has been shocked to find out that he’s not the person he always thought he was.

Participating in the Facebook Awareness campaign where members repost their first Facebook profile pic all in the name of awareness, the young accounts clerk has discovered that he is actually a 65-year old Slovenian peasant woman called Lavra.

‘I thought all my life was in front of me,’ he said grasping the profile picture of Lavra next to a donkey. ‘Now I realize it is all behind me and in Slovenian.’

The young man intends to return to Slovenia. ‘I’m grateful to Facebook,’ he said. ‘For letting me know who I really am, an old woman.’ Friends report they have thought this to be the case for sometime and are glad now that Facebook has confirmed it.

The young man, now old woman, broke the news to family last night. ‘I always thought there was something wrong,’ said his now former mother. ‘But I thought he just had a fondness for overreacting and Eurovision.‘

Facebook has assisted the young man’s transition redirecting Slovenian advertisements to his homepage. ‘I have my outfit planned already,’ he said

The awareness campaign by Facebook has been causing controversy across the globe with many of its members discovering completely different people in their original profile pictures and in some cases, not even people. A woman in Woollhara, Sydney, Australia was aghast to find out she’s not even human. ‘I’m a chair, quite a lovely French antique one but a chair all the same. I’ve had to resign from my job and everything. It’s so embarrassing.’

Similarly a man in Birmingham in the UK has discovered that he’s not the man of the house at all but the family pet, Eric, an obese black Labrador retriever. ‘ It explains all my random licking over the years,’ he said sprawled naked on the family couch. ‘ I must say it’s a relief not to have to go to work anymore. I can lick my testes all the time now and not have to explain myself. Woof Woof Facebook.’

Have you checked your first Facebook Profile pic? Are you still yourself?

John Cahill

Twitter: @johnbcahill

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