Peter Greste Trapped On Runway Following Flight Home From Egyptian Prison



Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste has been released from a 400 day prison ordeal, only to be trapped on his plane home following a flight delay.

Greste, who was held in Egypt’s notorious Tora prison where he had to live with 3 other cell-mates in a 3 metre by 4 metre room, was advised by flight staff not to remove his seat belt and to remain seated in his centre row, economy class seat.

The journalist is sure to be excited about being released from prison, being away from the terrible food, shared bathrooms and the movement restrictions associated with prison.

After being imprisoned for such a long time, Mr Greste now has the freedom to catch up on updated technologies that have progressed in the past 400 days, which he will be able to do only after the plane has taken off and the pilot gives the all clear.

Staff have yet to advise the plane’s passengers of the reason why the plane has been stuck on the runway, nor have they confirmed a time frame for when the plane would be taking off.

“We are, uh…, still dealing with technical difficulties, uh…” the pilot continues to announce over the plane’s PA system at 20 minute intervals.

“Uh… shouldn’t be much longer, ladies & gentlemen. Just, uh… hold on tight.”

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is currently in Singapore trying to negotiate a release with air traffic control.

Matthew Farthing is the Media Editor for The (un)Australian. Today he learned that Al Jazeera is not the man who wrote ‘Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions’.

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