New Day, New Tony: PM Stops Himself From Knighting Another Royal

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Following yesterday’s leadership debacle, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has claimed that moving forward he will conduct himself as a changed leader. In the short term, this appears to be true, as the Prime Minister managed to catch himself before accidentally knighting a royal family member earlier this morning.

Promising the Liberal Party that he was a “changed man” and that he would “prove it, if the party would just take [him] back”, Mr Abbott began demonstrating a sincere commitment to change when he noticed himself starting to knight Prince Charles when he had intended to just pour himself a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

“He started muttering on about how Prince Charles has done so much for Australia and started calling the Officer of the Order of Australia before pausing and realising what he was doing” said Queensland MP Warren Entsch.

Entsch, who supported yesterday’s spill motion, now believes that this is evidence of Abbott’s commitment to change and justifies that the party was right to keep the relationship to the curb and not “kick that scrub to curb”.

“He’s a new Tony” advised Entsch.

“He knows that if he falls back into old patterns, the party’s packing their things and moving back in with its sister.”

While any commitment to change requires more long term action, Tony does seem committed. As of publishing, Tony has not knighted another Royal and the party reports that “We and Tony couldn’t be happier together.”

Matthew Farthing is the Political Editor for the (un)Australian. He recently supported a leadership spill against Tony Jones.

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