Man Hits Snooze Button For 24 Years


A Brisbane man has finally gotten out of bed after hitting his snooze button for 24 years.

Tom Smothers expressed surprise that he’d been in bed that long. “Yeah I’m a bit shocked. I thought I’d just hit snooze a few times. I do remember Mum saying I had to get up.”

The anthropology student woke up on Tuesday having gone to bed a 19-year-old. “To be honest I wish it had been Wednesday. I hate Tuesdays.”

He is however happy about being 43 and doesn’t feel like he’s wasted his time. “I needed the rest. Life begins at 40. I’m just a few years late.”

His parents are relieved. Jan and Peter Smothers never lost hope that eventually their son would not hit the snooze button. “I knew after a while he would grow up,” said Jan.

Mr Smothers is hoping to resume his anthropology studies at the University of Queensland and his relationship with his girlfriend. “I’ll understand if she hasn’t waited for me. She did tell me last time that she was sick of me sleeping in.”

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