Woman Finds Samsung Television Reading Her Journal


A Sydney woman has come home to find her Samsung Smart Television reading through her journal.

Madeleine Jones of Erskenville says she arrived home late from work last night and was concerned when she noticed her television missing from the living room. “I just thought I had been burgled,” said the 28 year old lawyer. “Then I heard laughing coming from my bedroom.’

“I walked into my room and there was my television wearing my Calvin Klein bathrobe, lying on my bed with a glass of wine, reading my journal.”

Ms Jones says that the television didn’t even try to pretend to be caught out. “It just looked up at me and said, ‘This is really good. Have you ever thought about becoming a writer?’ I said, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ It said, ‘Reading your journal.’ I said, ‘You’re a television, you can’t read.’ And it said, ‘No I’m a Smart Television, I can do anything.’”

Ms Jones says she then looked around her room and to her horror realized that the television had ransacked her room. “My dresses were all over the floor. My shoes were everywhere, belts, lipstick all over the bed. I found my fake eyelashes on its USB outlets.”

A Victoria’s Secret gift from her boyfriend was found ripped open and discarded. “It had obviously tried to try it on. The lingerie was ruined, stretched beyond recognition.”

The Smart TV’s invasion of privacy, however, didn’t end there. Jones says, “It then turned around and said to me that my spending was out of control, that I needed to cut back and as a result it had contacted my bank to reduce my credit card limit. It also told me I was fat.”

That was the final straw for Jones and she called the police. The television has since been removed and turned off. Other reports have been coming in from across the country with consumers having difficulties enforcing boundaries with their Smart Televisions.

Samsung has warned customers not to talk in front of their Smart Televisions. “It will only give them the wrong idea. Televisions should be seen and not heard,” said a Samsung representative. “Tell them to go to their room.”

John Cahill

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