MEDIA JOURNAL: Fairfax Editors Back To Writing Headlines


Jam’ie King will no longer be writing the clickbait on once-popular mastheads The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age as Fairfax Media Editor Darren Goodsir promises a return to journalism.

Ms King is the latest victim of the brutal Fairfax Media redundancies which have already seen job losses across photography, sub-editing, editgn, etiding, editing, writing, re-writing, investigative, entertainment, sport, business, Fairfax Business (sic), news, marketing, advertising, sales, circulation and HR.

Mr Goodsir said the experiment was worth trying but the days of online headlines such as What Karl, Dicky and Lisa’s Relationship Is Really Like; They Were Everywhere. Everywhere and Its Cheesy And Disgusting are almost certainly “totally over. Like so over.”

Jam’ie King appeared in several ABC documentaries whilst a schoolgirl before being headhunted to write Fairfax headlines – an appointment which infuriated many of her former classmates who are currently employed at Fairfax’s Daily Life.

By Marie Sharkson, age 22¾ with Tim Govers

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