The Weekend (un)Australian: Exit Polls Sold To Chinese Energy Company In Bureaucratic Bungle

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Early predictions of the outcome of the NSW election are in jeopardy after a spelling mistake in the department of Energy and Resources led to exit polls being mistaken for power poles and sold off in anticipation of a Coalition victory.

Political pundits and commentators due to appear tonight on Foxtel’s Sky News Australia areapoplectic and the ABC’s Antony Green has been rushed to hospital.

An ABC source, who asked not to be named, has told The unAustralian Mr Green began experiencing chest pains when he realised he’d be forced to rely upon blogs composed by Bob Ellis and The Sydney Institute’s “Nancy”.

Selling the state’s poles and wires has been a hot button issue in the NSW election, which is why the attempt to sell them while voters were distracted by the bewildering process of choosing from several thousand candidates was seen as “cunning”.

Energy and Resources department head Tom Edison blamed the mishap on the complete inability of anyone aged under 30 to spell, telling The unAustralian, “we would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling kids”.

Tim Govers

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