Motorist Refrains From Honking Horn


In a stunning turn of events a motorist in Sydney’s CBD didn’t honk his horn after being momentarily inconvenienced by another motorist.

Robert Prendergast was near the beginning of his journey home from work when he was unable to proceed through an intersection for about five seconds because another motorist had queued across the green light.

Prendergast told the (un)Australian, “I was ready to express my displeasure at being momentarily inconvenienced in the standard way, but then I remembered that I had done the same thing in the previous intersection and felt like the guy who honked at me looked like a bit of a dick.

“So I waited, the traffic cleared and I kept driving.”

Pedestrians at the intersection looked on in stunned silence at the restraint displayed by Prendergast.

Bystander Jemima Proudfoot said, “I’ve never seen anything like it, a motorist forced to wait a few seconds longer than usual before joining the traffic jam up the road, expressing empathy?”

Road rage enthusiasts have expressed anger at the incident.

Ryan Crawford

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