Mayor Warns Women Not To Be Born To Avoid Assault


This baby girl has made her first error by being born.

Wodonga mayor Kelvin Stack has warned women not to be born, saying it was “an invitation for someone to take advantage of you”.

The mayor said that recent assaults, harassment, rapes and murders of women were “tragic reminders” of what could be in store for women, should they choose to be born.

When asked why women shouldn’t be able to be born and carry out their lives as equal human beings, Stack said: “Look safety has to be paramount here.”

“I’d be the first to encourage women be born, but really there’s just no other way to stop these tragedies, is there?” Stack concluded, before retiring to his Wicked Campervan to listen to Kyle Sandilands, watch The Footy Show and flick through his copy of Ralph magazine.

Paul Benedek

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