2016 Logies Cancelled Due To Lack Of Interest


After what many describe as TV’s night of nights, TV week and Channel 9 have decided to cancel the 2016 logies due to a lack of interest.

One highly intoxicated Chanel 9 TV executive told the Un-Australian “We are cancelling it, because nobody gives a shit, I mean for the past couple of years, we couldn’t even get a host, much less any one even bothering to even turn up, I’m mean if the best we can do for special guests is some reality show judge and the Real Housewives Of Melbourne, we may as well just chuck it in”

The TV week Logie awards have been struggling for the past couple of years to get a decent host. In 2002 Wendy Harmer did what some critics at the time called the most unfunny Logies ever, only to be followed by Gretel Kileen in 2009 in what some viewers called career suicide. Channel 9 and TV Week have even lifted the ban on celebs using social media during the ceremony, hoping that it will attract some interest from viewers at home, but social media has been unkind to the Logies with Allison from Kings Langley tweeting “Do they really expect anyone to take these awards seriously when a carpenter wins a gold Logie”.

Some viewers have even suggested that Karl Stefanovic or Andrew O’keefe could host, but as one TV week employee said “Those guys can’t even stay sober on their own shows, imagine them doing this show?”

“The Logies have even been struggling to find real people to give awards too, this year the Hall of fame inductee was Home and Away. They couldn’t even give it to a real person” said the yet more intoxicated and obnoxious Channel 9 executive from above. When contacted by The (un) Australian the head of Channel 7 programming said “The Logie awards? Are they still a thing? The Logies are about as relevant as a box full of blank VHS tapes” Next year Channel 9 plans to show re-runs of Burkes backyard instead.


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