Mia Freedman Really A 79 Year Old Man Named Barry


The worldwide mummy blogging community has been devastated after actress Rebel Wilson published the news that Mia Freedman is actually a 79-year-old pensioner whose real name is Barry Buckpitt.

“I don’t even like kids all that much”, said Buckpitt who writes his blog “Mamma Mia” from his one bedroom housing commission flat in Fairfield Heights. “I certainly don’t have any of my own to blog about. I just make some bollocks up every morning and put it out there on the net and hope for the best. It beats having to go out and work for a living.”

“I remember Barry from high school and he’s certainly not the 43-year-old mother he claims to be”, said Rebel Wilson from the set of Pitch Perfect 3: Let’s Cash In Quickly. “He was just that creepy guy who used to operate the school incinerator.”

Wilson defended her decision to out Buckpitt as a man, saying that he went too far when he claimed to have a uterus when it was obviously just something he’d drawn on his beergut with a texta.

Peter Green
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