Man Sues Catholic High School For Not Being Molested

St alipius

Gary Coates 44 from Woy Woy is an ordinary looking Aussie bloke, he likes a drink at the pub, loves driving his ute and enjoys training his greyhound with local protected fauna, but outside appearances can be deceiving. Mentally Gary is a mess, as he attended St Alipius  Catholic High School in Ballarat East and claims he wasn’t touched once.

“I mean what was wrong with me?” Coates claims that “All my mates were all asked to stay behind after mass and spend special time with Father Stewart, but never me – its really affected my self esteem.” Coates has decided to employ the services of Julian Burnside QC and sue the school for sexual and racial discrimination and negligence. “Its really affected my self-esteem, my confidence and my ego, I haven’t been able to form any long lasting relationships with males or females, I just keep thinking that I don’t deserve a relationship” Coates told The (un) Australian while close to tears choking up he said “I can’t tell you how many times I broke down in tears every time I heard that bloody Kasey Chambers song – Am I not pretty enough”.

Coates claims he isn’t the only one who feels that his childhood has missed out, “there must be dozens if not hundreds of us who feel the same way”.

In response to Coate’s claims, St Alipius released the following statement: “St Alipius does admit that some students were not touched or molested in anyway while under the care of our teachers, for this we apologise, it was never our intention to leave any boys behind, but some of the teachers just got far too carried away with other duties such as teaching and coaching to actually get around and spend special time with each student, for this we apologise, we failed in our duty of care.”

Sources say the Victorian government is now looking into setting up a special task force to find out how many boys were not touched, fondled or groped during their time at St Alipius. Victorian police declined to comment while investigations were still continuing.

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