Jack White Pens His Creed & Best Coast Smokes Weed – Music Round-Up For May

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Every month the (un)Australian brings you a round-up of everything you need to know about music from the only staff member who won’t admit to having Gotye on his iPhone.

When Routine Bites Hard And Ambitions Are Low, And Resentment Rides High But You’re In Escrow –

The home where Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division, killed himself has been sold to a fan for £190,000. The house’s listing read: “Spacious two bedroom home. This house is the location where Ian Curtis hanged himself, so you know it has sturdy rafters.” The fan intends to turn the home into a museum and Peter Hook is already expected to go on tour with it next year.

Rage, Rage Against The Dying Of The Traditional Music Model –

Jack White has penned a poem entitled “music is sacred” and published it on his record label’s blog.White’s poetry is already drawing comparisons to the poetry of Jimmy Page. With lines like “jump in front of demons, and stand over cowards and those who would intend to rip out your lungs and dampen your desire”, White should not quit his day job of complaining about the Black Keys to anyone who will listen. Just like everything else he’s done since the disbandment of The White Stripes, Jack just can’t seem to do anything right without Meg on the drums.

We Never Had This Problem With Opera Australia –

Police have had to break up a stage invasion at the Opera House during Royal Headache’s hometown comeback. Fans began piling on during “Down The Lane” with cops being forced to clear the stage during their single “Girls”. Lead singer Shogun ended the show stating “it’s all downhill from here”, a phrase familiar to anyone who’s been listening to the band since their 2010 EP.

I Was Saying Boo-utin –

The Eurovision 2015 contest has undertaken the unprecedented step of utilising “anti-booing technology” to protect Russia’s entrant from any vocally errant behaviour in the Eurovision crowd. Jeering dogged last year’s entrant from Russia, as the European crowd took issue with Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine and its stance on homosexuality. Putin himself showed interest in the secret technology, but Eurovision’s communications director was quick to advise the despot that “it’s technology, not magic”.

Middle Age Nostalgia Has Paid Off Well –

The new Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage Of Heck, premièred on HBO to acclaim from critics and Nirvana fans, proving once again that the audience knowing how a story ends is not a barrier for milking the melancholy for all its worth. Fans of HBO’s documentary series were more disappointed as it did not end with Courtney Love, unaware that her microphone was still on, confessing to the murder.

Album Of The Month: Best Coast’s California Nights

The 90’s never ended. No, this isn’t the description of your recurring nightmare, it’s the mission statement of Best Coast’s new album California Nights. Best Coast are a west coast duo whose entire business plan seems to be “get mistaken for a band that broke up in 1998 and get booked for Coachella on the ‘reunion’ circuit”. Song writer Bethany Cosentino writes about boys, weed, and being all alone / not answering the phone. Gone are the reverb and distortion drenched guitars of Best Coast past, Best Coast’s sound has been replaced with a radio friendly studio sheen that sounds like a cross between Hole and your brother trying to write pop-punk songs back when you were kids. No one can argue white privilege doesn’t exist when no charges have been made in the Tamir Rice shooting, while some white dude who’s excited about seeing Best Coast at Splendour In The Grass still has his freedom. 2 out of 5.

Matthew Farthing is the music writer for the (un)Australian. He was upset to hear Tyler, the Creator announce OFWGKTA were no more as it means there will probable be more Tyler, the Creator solo albums.


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