Push To Ban Buzzfeed After Epidemic Of Blown Minds


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Mental health experts have called for authorities to take strong action against Buzzfeed after what they described as an “out-of-control epidemic” of people with their “minds totally blown” after visiting the well-known internet site.

“The issue is extremely serious,” leading psychologist Michelle Adams told The (Un)Australian. “So many young, impressionable people after a cheap thrill click on these links that promise to ‘blow their minds’ and they just don’t realise the long-term consequences.

“Sure, it can seem a bit of fun to have your ‘mind blown’ by some lame, mundane facts that aren’t really surprising or even interesting, but some of this is actually really heavy stuff.”

“Like, for instance,” Adams said, “did you know that the actress Betty White from The Golden Girls is actually older than sliced bread? Like … woah … That is actually pretty fucking mind blowing when you think of it.”

“Really mind blowing,” Adams continued, as she stared blankly ahead of her. She proceeded to say nothing for the next three hours, simply staring and drooling a bit, prompting The (Un)Australian to let ourselves out.

Carlo Sands

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