White Teenager Uses ‘N-Word’ In Non-Offensive Context


Julius Cassidy has been hailed a ‘wunderkind’.

A white teenager from Williamsburg, Brooklyn has become the first person to use the word “n*****” in a non-offensive context. Julius Cassidy, a 17 year hold highschooler, dropped the racial slur during a conversation with James Williams, an African-American teenager who Mr Cassidy is acquaintances with.

Onlookers who witnessed the incident noted that after Mr Cassidy used the offensive term the pair looked like they were about to get into a fight, before Mr Cassidy explained himself and Mr Williams laughed the episode off.

Speaking to The (un)Australian, Mr Williams explained: “When I first heard him use this word, I just got so angry. How dare this kid, who doesn’t know me, and can’t relate to how that word has been used in conjunction with oppressing me and my people, use this word to refer to me?

“But after Julius explained to me why I was wrong to be offended, it all made sense. I’ve got to say, his logic checks out.

“Boy, do I feel like an idiot for overreacting.”

Cassidy utilised several arguments in his favour, among them: hip-hop’s re-appropriation of the term, black people being able to call white people “crackers” without causing outrage, and that its ok to use the term because he was being ironic.

The (un)Australian ran Cassidy’s logic by Dr Peter Reynolds, a sociology professor at the University of Sydney, who not only confirmed the un-offensive nature of Mr Cassidy’s usage, but referred to Mr Cassidy as a “wunderkind”.

“We’ve been studying ways for white people to refer to black people as “n-words” without being offensive for decades and so far we have not been able to crack it. This kid is the Good Will Hunting of racism” Dr Reynolds informed the (un)Australian.

Meanwhile, Mr Williams admits he should have seen this coming: “James proudly professes to be liberal so I should have known he couldn’t have been racist. It’s not like he’s a rural conservative.”

Matthew Farthing is a senior reporter for The (un)Australian. He takes issue with how many people are referring to Caitlyn Jenner by the incorrect name and wants to strees it’s “Caitlyn” with a “C” not a “K”.


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