WWE, WWF To Be Investigated For Match Fixing


Concerns have been raised Smackdown 2015 wrestling match was fixed.

The World Wide Wrestling Corporation (WWWC) announced today that it will launch an investigation into match fixing in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and World Wrestling Federation (WWF). The match in question was Smackdown 2015 which included Seth, Dean Ambrose “The Lunatic Fringe”, The Architect, Roman Reigns and other wrestlers with ridiculous names.

Concerns first started when unusually large bets started flooding Centrebet in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.  Peter McCartney from the Australian Institute of Sport was first made aware of the discrepancies after Centrebet contacted him over concerns about several unusually large bets made to the Alice Springs bookmaker. “It looked like a few mechanics and itinerants in the Alice knew what was happening at Smackdown 2015 before the rest of the world,” Mr McCartney said.

He rang the WWWC to make them aware of the usual betting patterns. The WWWC then made the announcement that all major American wrestling competitions would be investigated for match fixing, steroid abuse and bad acting.

Russ Kabu from the WWWC said that “no stone would be left unturned” in the wide ranging investigation into match fixing. “We are confident that the vast majority of wrestlers in the WWE and the WWF are all professional athletes who take their vocations seriously, what we are a looking for Is a few bad apples who ruin if for the rest of the industry and are hoping to make a quick buck from throwing the occasional match,” Mr Kabu said.

The WWWC will look at all matches from 1999, when WWE and WWF merged, until now to see if any match fixing had taken place within this time frame. When asked if the WWWC would be looking into the International Wresting Australia, the Professional Wrestling Australia or the Australian wrestling federation for match fixing, Mr Kabu replied: “Nobody gives a shit about wrestling in Australia.”


Gus W. Templeton

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