New South Welshman Prefers Cricket Anyway

Harley has discovered a sudden deep attachment to the sight of a cricket ball.

Stewart Harley, a 32-year-old Queensland resident who was raised in NSW has experienced an epiphany comparable only to the Damascus Road conversion of Saul of Tarsus (or Saint Paul, as he was known to his friends.)

At about 9:15 AEST last night Harley, a lifelong rugby league fan who had over the past two years spent a combined $530 on rugby league jerseys, became abruptly aware that, actually, he found cricket to be a much more engaging and entertaining sport than rugby league, in particular Test cricket.

“I don’t know what I’ve been doing all these years,” said Harley “It’s like, until last night, I was a completely different person. Origin is stupid and only last for about two hours. Cricket is the real deal.”

However, a close friend of Harley who has asked to remain anonymous told The (un)Australian that this was not Harley’s first conversion.

“Yeah Stuey was always big on cricket when Waugh was around, but then he was in England in 2012 and suddenly he’d never even heard of Ricky Ponting. It was really weird.

“All of a sudden the Sydney Swans were all he was interested in. Then around 2014 it happened again and he was a rugby league fan.”

Nathan Lentern

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