Google Launches Search Engine Specifically For Police Shootings Of Unarmed Civilians


It’s a common problem: A Facebook friend posts a video of police officers shooting an unarmed civilian, and that triggers a memory you have of a dashboard footage video of an even more wanton, unjustifiable police shooting of an unarmed civilian that you now want to share as well, on the principle that an end to police brutality must now be just one more Facebook post away. So how do you find it?

“These days, it is virtually impossible to find what you’re looking for in relation to individual acts of police killings,” Google IT Engineer Ralph Shanahan told The (un)Australian. “The vast quantity of video and news stories on this is growing so fast that those trying to follow each case just cannot keep up.”

The new search facility., is being updated constantly. It marries a range of search techniques so that the video that might have taken many weeks of internet searching can now usually be discovered within hours.

Rohan Gaiswinkler

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