Ronald McDonald Responds To Cash For Comments Allegations


Community leader Ronald McDonald has responded to criticism that his endorsement of the family restaurant McDonald’s is one that has been solicited through cash payments. Documents leaked to The (un)Australian highlighted that the beloved entertainer has been receiving payments from the multinational fast food outlet for decades.

Mr McDonald held an emergency press conference earlier today to respond to allegations. “My association with the McDonald’s corporation has been a matter of public record for some time now,” he told the press.

“In light of these documents I must set the record straight, I have accepted payment for public appearances, and yes even for some television commercials, but my endorsement of the McDonald’s products is genuine.”

The damage has been done though, with some fans declaring that their view of the clown has been tarnished.

Jeremy Potts told The (un)Australian: “I was looking forward to his upcoming national tour, but now I just don’t know if I’ll be able to laugh at his capering after this corruption has been uncovered.

“I mean is any of it true, do the meals make you happy? Is the sauce really special? If you’re in a fire are you supposed to get down low and go go go? I don’t know what to believe anymore.”

Other leaks from the finance department at McDonald’s have landed the Hamburglar in trouble. He now faces allegations that he has embezzled millions of burgers since his association with the company started in 1975.

Ryan Crawford

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