Canberra Braces For Flood Of Ghost Writers

Letter to my children

A busload of the nation’s top ghost writers are currently heading to Canberra in preparation of the pre-election ministerial book launch cycle.

Usually at this time in the election process both ministers and shadow ministers alike are compelled to put pen to paper (namely a cheque to a ghost writer) to share their vision, their insights and their love of serving the Australian people.

Following on from Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s tome on “the inherent good of serving”, Letter to my Children, a book purportedly aimed at his biological offspring but really meant for wavering conservative voters, a slew of new titles are in the works, including the following:

The Everyman by George Brandis (formerly titled Lord of the Free)

Born to Serve by Malcolm Turnbull (working title, may change to Born to Serve, and I Take the Tram)

Speak from the Heart by Scott Morrison

The Ironist by Greg Hunt

The Sniff Test by Joe Hockey, and

 The Speaker’s Flightthe Bronwyn Bishop memoirs, volume one. (working title).


William Eev

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