Andrew Bolt Appalled His Column Is Printed In Black Ink


Herald Sun columnist and proud booer of the Sydney Swans, Andrew Bolt has expressed anger and dismay that his column is only ever printed in newspapers around the country in black ink.

A spokesperson for the blogger told The (un)Australian: “Andrew’s not inkest, he just feels that certain inks get preferential treatment and in an ideal world all ink’s would be equal and we would not notice the difference.”

When pushed on what colour ink Mr Bolt would like his column’s to be printed, the spokesperson answered, “Well obviously we can all agree that white is the superior ink and for too long white ink has been pushed aside in favour of these minority inks.”

Asked how easily a column written in white ink on white newspaper could be read, the spokesperson said: “Typical leftie, always downplaying the role of the whites, I guess next you’ll be saying that we should not be allowed to discuss colour?”

At this point, the spokesperson donned his white hood and stormed out of the interview.

Mark Williamson

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