Channel 7 To Dedicate Even More Shows To Cats.

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Channel 7 programming executives announced today that the network will be dedicating more programming time to cats. This follows hot on the heels of the new ratings winner Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud which replaced Channel 7’s latest ratings flop Restaurant Revolution.

The new shows dedicated to cats will included My Cats Restaurant Rules, The Kardashians And Their Cats, Cat Wars, Pimp My Cat and a nightly segment where viewers can upload their own cat of the day video.

Ryan Fey, head of Entertainment Programming at Channel 7, said “Cat videos have always been a huge hit on Youtube, with people spending hours watching them, so it’s no surprise that cats on TV proved to be a ratings winner and Channel 7 will be the first to embrace this phenomenon and become the official cat video network.”

Animal groups are already concerned over what they expect will be the exploitation of the feline stars by the network. Michelle Mitchell from Peta told The (un) Australian that she didn’t want to see the animals thrown on the fame scrap heap once their 15minutes of fames was over.

“There have been several appearances of dogs and cats in the big brother house hold, but where are those animals now”?

Chanel 7 is not the only network looking at Youtube for the latest in viewing trends, with Network 10 commissioning a new show called talking Toddlers And Cute Baby Animals.


Gus W Templeton

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