Greece To Advise Australia On Economic Growth

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Officials from the treasurer’s office have contacted Greek officials in a bid arrest the collapse in Australia’s GDP growth.

Australia’s headline growth has this week slumped to just 0.2 per cent.  Economists fear that the slide in growth, as the economy transitions from a mining economy, will most certainly be followed by a decline in the living standards of all Australians.

“There’s no denying this number,” said Simon Dickson a spokesman from the treasurer’s office. “It is a number and that’s for sure. But we shouldn’t focus on it. There are green shoots in the economy everywhere. It’s just that they are a little hard to see at present. We are not in trouble…we are not in trouble. We have a plan and Joe is going to put it in place very soon.”

Mr Dickson refused to be drawn on questions about falling living standards and GDP per capita as he explained Mr Hockey’s plan.

“Joe is about to announce his cornerstone strategy to get our economy growing even more! He is going to get Greece’s top financial minds here to hammer out a special plan for us. Greece is going great guns at the moment and we want to capitalise on their success. I want to let everyone know that this strategy and Joe’s tenure as treasure have the full support of our captain Tony Abbott!”


Matt Gaddes

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