Rolf Harris Writes Open Letter To Nick Kyrgios


Australian entertainer Rolf Harris, currently the artist in residence at Stafford jail, has taken time out from his daily beatings to pen an open letter to troubled tennis star Nick Kyrgios in a bid to get Nick back on track

It follows Shane Warne’s open letter to Kyrgios which has led to other former stars lining up to help Kyrgios, with former AFL footballer and reality TV star Warwick Capper said to be seeking a ghostwriter to help him write Nick a letter.

The (un)Australian has seen a copy of the letter written by Harris and while we will not reprint it, as it is written on toilet paper in what appears to be tomato sauce, we will summarise its contents

Essentially the letter is a call for Kyrgios to “be a good sport” and “do not  go tying down any Kangaroos”. It also advises Kyrgios to “destroy all evidence” and if he could send through a carton of smokes.

A spokesperson for Stafford jail told The (un)Australian that they encouraged Harris to write, as it momentarily stops him from  singing, providing much needed relief for his fellow inmates.

Mark Williamson

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