Jane Austen Fan Not Catered For In Bookshop’s Fathers Day Stand


The kids of a shire father who really likes Jane Austen were disappointed today to find that their local bookshop has none of the author’s novels in amongst the display of books suggested as being ideal for dads.

“Dad has no interest in reading another history of the Kokoda Trail, Darren Lockyer’s autobiography or something called Awkward Family Farting Photos,” lamented seven year old Brady Halliday as he scanned the Fathers Day display in Dymock’s Miranda Fair store. “He’s really hoping to unwrap a fresh copy of Pride and Prejudice on Sunday morning.”

“We had no luck at JB Hi Fi when we went looking for an Emir Kusterica boxed set for dad,” said tearful daughter Tonya Halliday. “I can already imagine the forced smile on dad’s face as he holds up the Vin Diesel pack and says that it was just what he’s always wanted.”

To make up for the lack of nineteenth century comedy of manners fiction, the Halliday children intend to cook their dad breakfast in bed on the Beefmaster barbecue that the family gave him for Christmas. It will be the first time the barbecue has been used.

Peter Green

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