Parliamentary Gift Shop To Sell Peter Dutton Inspired Tin Foil Hats


Canberra’s parliamentary gift shop has announced that they will be stocking a new line of merchandise inspired by immigration minister and avid conspiracy theorist Peter Dutton with the launch of the Peter Dutton tin foil hat.

The immigration minister this week announced that he believed that the Fairfax newspapers and the ABC were conspiring in a “Jihad” to bring down the government. He did not elaborate further on whether or not he believed that Major League Baseball was also involved in this conspiracy.

A spokesperson for the parliamentary gift shop spoke to The (un)Australian about the tin foil hat, saying: “It’s good to see politicians with a bit of personality, good ol’ Peter with his crack pot conspiracies gives us a chance to sell something different instead of postcards and spoons. I think with the tin foil hat we are onto a winner, unlike the current government.”

The tin foil hats will go on sale later in the week and are already proving popular with orders received so far from Bob Katter, Cory Bernardi and David Lleyonhjelm.

Mark Williamson

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