Rupert Murdoch Announces That He Will not  Be Standing As A Palmer United Party Candidate

Tony and Rupert in happier times.

Former Australian resident and professional Monty Burns look alike Rupert Murdoch has announced that he will not be returning to Australia to run as a Candidate for the Palmer United Party (PUP), at the next Federal election, which he hopes is held sooner rather than later.

Mr Murdoch, an avid tweeter, declared that Australia was almost, ‘ungovernable’ and called on the Prime Minister to go to an early election, news that was interpreted by Mr Murdoch ruling himself out as running for a seat.

A spokesman for PUP told The (un)Australian about party founder Clive’s disappointment at Mr Murdoch not joining him, saying: “Deep down Clive loves Rupert, sure in the past he’s had a go at him, his wife, his company, but it’s really like in primary school where you stab the one you like with a compass. Rupert not joining Clive is a blow to the big man.”

A spokesperson for News Corp said of the the potential for their chairperson running for office: “Why would Rupert want to be in Parliament when he already owns it?”

Mr Murdoch has just left Australia after spending a month in the country. During his visit, he went scuba diving, had lunch with old friends like Miranda Devine and also had lunch with his new plaything, Scott Morrison.

Mark Williamson

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