Which Bachelor Contestant Is Also A Violent Jihadist?

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More controversy has engulfed The Bachelor, following claims that one of the ladies vying for Sam’s affections is a known terrorist, with affiliations with Al-Qaeda.The allegations were made by Vincent McIntyre, a blogger who runs a website focused on celebrity news and Instagram photos featuring the Kardashian family.

“I won’t mention any names, but I have it on pretty good authority that there’s something going on,” says Mr McIntyre. “I came across this information on a message board and I felt it my civic duty as a citizen and blogger to report it.”

This is the latest incident in a series in a season of The Bachelor that has been mired with controversy, with contestants subjected to new Hunger Games-inspired challenges, described by human rights groups as, “Probably not that humane.”

Representatives from Ten remain coy on the allegations, despite comments from network executive William Schultz that all but confirmed a terrorist has been cast.

“We thought it’d be interested to put a terrorist into the mix,” said Mr Schultz. “And we had such a good reaction in our testing groups. What people don’t know is that we also have a white supremacist and a homophobe in the house.”

“It also adds an element of tension. Will Sam find the love of his life, or will he accidentally choose the violent Jihadist? Tune in to Ten to find out!

Ben Squires

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