Shane Watson Reviews Decision To Retire



Australian cricketing all rounder and Guinness World Record Holder for the most calf strains ever suffered by a human being, Shane Watson will seek to appeal his own decision to retire from Test cricket.

The move comes after Watson’s career being given out on Sunday when the all-rounder played and missed at solidifying his place in the squad. Intending to give a statement confirming his continued commitment to Australian Test cricket, Watson mistimed his release and accidentally retired

Facing medium-quick questions from journalists about his place in the squad, Watson attempted to dispel rumours with a series of solid rebuttals but ended up letting an easy one through, resulting in him retiring. Looking confusedly at his media pack and then behind him, Watson had no choice but to walk.

Watson’s subsequent decision to review has baffled the Australian public but came as no surprise to his former team mates.

A former colleague of Watson’s who asked to remain anonymous spoke to The (un)Australian about the decision, saying, “I’m not too surprised, I mean have you seen some of the LBW decisions he’s appealed?”

“Who knows, the way the Australian Cricket Board (ACB) works, Watto will probably be reinstated as captain and coach.”

Watson has left Australia’s tour of England after succumbing to injury, he had been tipped to have a stint this summer as part of Channel 9’s cricket commentary team, however at present the commentary booths are not wheelchair accessible.

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