Geneva Turns Back Minister For Immigration Peter Dutton


An aeronautical vessel containing the Australian Minister for Immigration, Peter Dutton has been forced to return to base after being denied permission to land by the Switzerland Secretariat for Immigration. Minister Dutton was due to land in Geneva today to participate in diplomatic talks about the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis but will now have to participate via Periscope.

A spokesperson for the Secretariat said via a press release that they did not begrudge Mr Dutton for wanting attend the talks in person, but that they had to be mindful of not creating an incentive for Australian ministers to hop on planes and make the long journey from Canberra.

“If we allowed Mr Dutton to attend these talks than we’d be sending out a loud clear message to world leaders that if they have a dud minister they want taken off their hands while they get some real work done, Switzerland will look after them.”

General secretary of social activist group “Your Voice”  Kathryn Schwegler told The (un) Australian that she believes Mr Dutton should be allowed to land in Geneva. “We have to remember these aren’t just planes and they aren’t just ministers. There are human beings inside those ministries of office and they need to be treated like human beings.”

Nathan Lentern

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