Thailand Asks Australia For Tips On Democracy


Thailand has asked Australia to send consultants to Bangkok to help them implement “Australian” democracy. General Prayuth Chan-ocha, who was nominated last year as Prime Minister in a legislature hand picked by the junta and made up of mostly military and police figures, has officially requested assistance.

The general told The (un)Australian: “We had one coup over 12 months ago and Barack Obama still won’t take my calls, but Australia has had four prime ministers in five years, and mostly via coups, and Australia is still loved by the rest of the world! How do you guys get away with it?”

The general was the head of the army when he led a dramatic coup in May that threw out the democratically elected Shinawatra government.

General Chan-ocha has invited Julie Bishop, Kevin Rudd, Bill Shorten and Julia Gillard to give a lecture tour to speak to the military on Australian democracy and how it can be used utilised in Thailand.

In a letter leaked to The (un)Australian from the Department of Foreign Affairs, the request has asked for some specific questions to be addressed to the military junta audience, including: how to remove an elected prime minister while still claiming be a democracy; how to convince the population that putting a leader in that they did not vote for is in their best interest; and also what is the timetable for the next change of PM.

Other leaders have also expressed interest in attending the lecture series expected to be held in Bangkok later this year including, Robert Mugabe, Kim Jong Un, Raul and Fidel Castro and Donald Trump.
Gus W Templeton

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