George Zimmerman’s Profile Insists ‘Retweets Not Endorsements’

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Acquitted murderer George Zimmerman has created controversy by retweeting a photo of the body of Trayvon Martin, the African-American teenager that Mr Zimmerman murdered legally.

Despite the outrage caused by the retweet, Mr Zimmerman insisted that he had no idea people would react this way.

“Retweets are not endorsements. It says that right on my profile. Sometimes I retweet things that I have no interest in or that offend me to the core and I often do so without comment.”

Mr Zimmerman’s twitter profile also mentions that he is a comedian, writer and a musician, linking to a bandcamp with some lo-fi guitar demos.

The shooting of Trayvon Martin briefly caused the community to schism in 2012, passionately dividing friends, families, and co-workers into people who thought that Mr Zimmerman killed an innocent teenager of colour, and people who are racists.

The confederate flag salesman retweeted the photo of the dead body to his 11,000 followers. For comparison, @JoeM0fficial, despite being the 0fficial account of a man who has not murdered anyone, only has 28 followers.

Despite many people’s disgust, advocacy movement Black Lives Matter has expressed support for the action, reasoning that for every minute George Zimmerman is inside retweeting is another minute African Americans are safer on the streets.

Other retweets made by Mr Zimmerman that we can’t reason are endorsements include tweets about speeding, road rage, and domestic assault.

Matthew Farthing is the Crime Reporter for the (un)Australian. He was to team up with Collective Shout to stop George Zimmerman from receiving an Australian visa, but they pulled out when it was revealed Mr Zimmerman had never recorded a hip-hop album.

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