After Labour Day, Workers Keep Forgetting It’s Tuesday


The Citizens of Australia enjoyed a long weekend in the first week of October this year with only WA, Tasmania and the Northern Territory missing out. However, people in the states that celebrated Labour Day by taking Monday off have struggled this Tuesday with some devastating side effects, most notably, forgetting that it’s not Monday.

Office manager Janice Polkinghorn told The (un)Australian: “I’ve been caught out several times today. Expecting a weekly delivery of supplies, turning up to the regular Monday team meeting by myself, I even said ‘God I hate Mondays’ after speaking to an angry customer.”

When asked what the customer was angry about, Polkinghorn said, “he was upset that his regular Monday appointment wasn’t today… you know, because it’s Tuesday.”

Polkinghorn added: “I just feel like I’ve missed a day!”

A study released by the Chamber of Commerce has outlined the deleterious effects of regular public holidays of the mental well-being of employees. The study shows that employees would be much happier if the regularity of a five day working week was never disrupted.

Chamber of Commerce representative Mitch MacGruder told The (un)Australian: “We’re calling for the abolition of public holidays, the workers can’t keep being subjected to this mental anguish of mistaking one day for another.”

Asked if the mental well-being of workers is generally poor because of long working hours, poor management practices and workplace bullying and harassment, MacGruder responded:“No, it’s definitely the public holidays.”

Not everyone is convinced though as the day off hasn’t effected everyone quite so disastrously. Regular office clock-watcher and general grump Barry Chelten’s first day of the week routine barely suffered a hitch. When asked by colleagues how his long weekend was, he gave the same answer as for the regular two day weekend: “Not long enough.”

Ryan Crawford

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