Toddler Really Loves The Sound Of Himself Repeating That One Syllable


Fellow shoppers in a local supermarket are very impressed with the way an East Hills toddler never seems to tire of confidently bellowing that one noise over and over again.

“He’s absolutely going to town over how much fun he’s having with what appears to be a new sound that he’s just learned to make,” reported pensioner Eveline Arbroath. “He’s riding merrily along in the trolley endlessly chanting ‘goigoigogoigoigogiogoigoigoi’ like there’s no tomorrow.”

“He was really getting into it down by the canned vegies aisle,” reported unemployed satirical journalist Fergal Dumbarton. “You’d think he’d get sick of it and try something new, but he appears to be a persistent little tyke.”

The toddler, whose name is believed to be Tyson though no-one is too sure because his mother is showing a gritty determination in sticking to her policy of not stifling his creativity, reports that he is very satisfied with his new noise.

“It’s a new direction for me and I’m just putting it out there and the reaction from my fans is very encouraging,” he wrote on his official website. “It makes a good solid companion piece to the ‘kahkahkahkahkahkahkah’ sound that I premiered during a recent flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast”.

Peter Green

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