New Canberra Suburb, ‘Whitlam’, To Be Renamed ‘Fraser’ In 3 Years

Fraser and Whitlam

A new suburb in south western Canberra is to be named Whitlam after the former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam.

Consultant town planner Paddy McGraw spoke to The (un) Australian about the process and ideology behind the move.

“My philosophy, as somebody who plans towns and cityscapes, is that every place should reflect the history that it is steeped in. For example, I have been contracted to plan further suburbs in Canberra next year which will hold true to this philosophy. Rudd, which will be in the north of Canberra, will be changed to Gillard then changed back to Rudd. And Abbott, which will be located, ironically, with a vista of wind turbines, will be changed to Turnbull a few years later.”

The mixed reaction on the street of Canberra reflected the polarising figure that Gough Whitlam was.

Malcom Fraser could not be contacted for comment…

Matt Gaddes

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