Jeremy Corbyn Fails To Hack Phones Of Families Of Dead Soldiers In New Show Of Disrespect


Jeremy Corbyn’s latest gaffe has raised new questions about his suitability as a candidate for high office.

Fresh evidence has emerged of UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn insulting the families of fallen British soldiers, with families of dead soldiers saying the anti-war politician gave no indication he had hacked their phones when speaking to them at a Remembrance Day event on Sunday.

The latest scandal to hit the controversial Opposition leader comes hot on the heels of the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid The Sun’s expose of Corbyn’s failure to bow to an appropriate degree at the event. It seems certain to stoke further concerns among Labour backbenchers over the far left radical’s inability to meet commonly accepted standards of behaviour.

“I spoke to Mr Corbyn for at least five minutes at the event,” Jenny Francis, who lost her only son in Afghanistan two years ago, told The (un)Australian. “And at no point did he give any indication he had hacked mine or any members of my families private calls.

“I gave him every opportunity to prove himself, but his lack of intimate, private details led me to conclude he simply had not had my phone hacked so as to cynically exploit me and my families grief for private gain. And this man wants to lead this country?”

Francis said: “I was feeling incredibly upset, but there was a journalist from the Murdoch press present and in a brief chat, he asked whether little Katie’s blood tests had come back yet, something I had only mentioned to my sister in a call yesterday. So I was reminded that there are still some people in this nation who know how to show appropriate levels of respect for the families of those who have given their lives.”

Mr Corbyn also came under fire from John Cannon, who was at Sunday’s event with his wife Margaret. “Our eldest Jimmy has just turned 13, and so he’ll be old enough to enlist by 2020,” a furious Mr Cannon said. “But when we approached Mr Corbyn for a list of possible futile overseas military adventures he might be willing to send young Jimmy off to die in, should he be elected prime minister, the man couldn’t name a single one!

“He doesn’t appear to be at all serious about the responsibilities of high office.”

Carlo Sands

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