Football Commentator Loses Tight Struggle With How To Pronounce Kyrgyzstan


SBS football panelist Jason Culina admits he was surprised with the difficulty of his opponent after going down in a narrow contest with how to pronounce Kyrgyzstan in last night’s World Cup qualifier in Canberra.

“I thought I had it won in the pre match analysis with ‘Kizzikystan’, but as the first half wore on the tricky phoneme work started to run me ragged and all I could manage was ‘Kashyakastan’,” said the disappointed former Socceroo. “I just wasn’t ever able to get on top of the 3-2-3 consonant formation with the lone vowel acting as a sweeper.”

Culina briefly rallied during the halftime highlights with “Kurzurgistan” being the closest he came all evening to scoring a correct pronunciation of the name of the central Asian republic.

“I hit the first syllable a number of times but was never able to beat the tightly packed midfield with that tricky ‘yz’ combination,” said an exhausted Culina, who was replaced midway through the second half after pulling a tongue muscle.

“I’m expecting a much easier match with Bangladesh next Tuesday before a tough encounter with Tangajinklestan later on in the world cup qualifiers.”

Peter Green

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