Friends Condemn Paris Grief Double-Standard Shortly After Learning It Exists


Friends across the country have helpfully denounced your hypocritical outpouring of grief in wake of the recent Paris attacks whilst ignoring the earlier tragedy in Lebanon, mere seconds after learning such a double-standard existed.

Rebeca Levinson, a friend of a friend who you met at a party once and haven’t engaged with since, took to her Facebook page to voice her freshly developed opinion;

“Why is it that if there’s one little mass terrorist attack in Paris, the whole world bathes their opera houses in the colours of the French flag but not one person mentioned the bombings in Beirut,” Ms Levinson questioned, typing the word ‘Beirut’ for the first time in her life.

Western media was quick to break the story of how the Western media was not providing adequate coverage of attacks in non-Western countries. Your social media feeds were then quickly inundated with ‘retweets’ and ‘shares’ of these articles from mainstream news sources, condemning the actions of the mainstream media in the recent news cycle.

Particularly popular among your friends was a stinging rebuke from left-wing news website, New Matilda, who called into question the inherent racism at play which would cause news organisations like New Matilda to ignore the co-ordinated terrorist attack in Beirut.

However, while your friends do think you’re being racist with your emotional response to the killings in Paris, they want to stress that they’re not saying that you shouldn’t feel sympathy for the victims in France. In a statement to The (un)Australian, your friends clarified that “you should grieve for the events in Paris but that you should also have been grieving for similar tragedies that you had no idea were happening around the world.” “The world” being the planet your friends have just learned that we’re on after reading an article this morning on New Scientist.

Matthew Farthing is the Terrorism Reporter for the (un)Australian. He advocates that the only way to avoid being “grief shamed” is not to give a damn about human life in the first place.

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