Rolling Stone Journalist Sean Penn Criticised For Hugging Interviewee

sean penn

A Rolling Stone journalist has apologised for his conduct following an incident involving the hugging of Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman mid-interview.

Sean Penn, 55, whose previous journalistic gets include Raúl Castro and Hugo Chávez, awkwardly embraced the wanted criminal after describing him as ‘not a violent man’. For his part, Mr Guzman laughingly pushed him away, stating ‘professional, please, my goodness…’

The incident is just one more in a long list of exhibitions of male entitlement that have been occurring with alarming frequency in 2016. Despite this, users took to twitter to defend Sean Penn;

“These feminazis need to stop plaiting their arm hair and focus on real issues like war crimes in Syria,” President Bashar al-Assad tweeted.

Witnesses to the interview described Mr Penn as being very ‘friendly and affectionate’ with the fugitive. Mr Guzman was noted to be visibly ‘creeped out’ by Mr Penn’s behaviour and asserted that he was there purely in a professional context as a violent international criminal.

Some readers may be surprised to learn that Academy Award winner Sean Penn also has a second career in journalism. We at the (un)Australian have comprised a short timeline of Mr Penn’s journalism highs and lows;

1981: Sean Penn graduates from the University of Berkley’s prestigious journalism program with top marks and quickly manages to score a job acting in the action-drama Taps. Mr Penn later stated that working as an actor on that movie did not provide him with the hands-on journalism experience he was expecting.

1989: The actor scores his first major interview with the Malibu Police Department. Nothing ended up being published but rumoured topics of discussion include whispers of Madonna’s husband being interrogated for domestic abuse.

1992: Sean Penn breaks the Whitewater scandal several months after New York Times reporter Jeff Gerth had already broken the story.

2001: Sean Penn is nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the War in Afghanistan but loses out to Denzel Washington for his performance in Training Days.

2008: After managing to score an interview with Rául Castro, the actor later described it as like ‘hoping to score an interview with Sean Penn but getting Chris Penn instead.’

2016: Rolling Stone publishes an interview Mr Penn conducted with drug kingpin “El Chapo”. Due to the sensitive nature of the interview, the actor hid the contents inside a 10,000 word tome about how he doesn’t use laptops and the consequences of traveler’s flatulence.

Matthew Farthing is the Media Reporter for the (un)Australian. He has heard rumours that Sean Penn is in the running to play Sean Penn in the new biopic of Joaquin Guzman’s life.

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