Mein Kampf Colouring Book Tops Best Seller List


The re-release of Adolph Hitler’s original manifesto Mein Kampf as an adult colouring book has been described as a publishing master stroke after the book rushed to the top of best seller lists in Germany.

“We believe it was always Hitler’s intention to release the volume as a colouring book given his talents as an artist and house painter,” said publisher Herman Vermillion. “It’s the ideal gift if you can’t think of anything else to buy for someone in your family who has a bit of an artistic side and who is also a bit of a neo nazi.”

“I find it very relaxing to colour in the intricate pictures of tanks rolling into Czechoslovakia,” said satisfied purchaser Helmut Turquoise. “I must admit it’s very difficult to stay within the lines when you colour in a swastika because of all the sharp corners.”

The success of the Mein Kampf colouring book has prompted plans to release some of Hitler’s other literary works in children’s puzzle form. “Where’s Herschy”, a picture book where the reader has to find a bespectacled character in a stripy shirt hidden amongst 6 million others in a concentration camp, is expected to be the hit of the upcoming Frankfurt book fair.

“Sure Hitler was a demented psychopath who lead his own people down a brutal path of self destruction that brought needless death and suffering to millions of innocent victims,” said the publisher. “That doesn’t mean we have the right to curtail his freedom of speech or deny the world his pretty little line drawings.”

Sales of boxes of coloured pencils have tripled amongst right wing skinhead groups since the release of the book.

Peter Green

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