Scientists Confirm Link Between People Named Phil And Owning a Toyota Dealership

Australian scientists have confirmed a long-held belief that there is a positive correlation between people named Phil and owning a Toyota dealership. The findings were released in this month’s edition of Wheels magazine.

Speaking to The (un)Australian, Phil Hubcap of Lithgow’s Phil Hubcap Toyota said: “You know there might be something in this as I’ve never been into cars. I mean I don’t even drive. But one day I was driving around and I saw Phil Gilbert Toyota and Phil McCarroll Toyota and I thought, you know what? Phil Hubcap Toyota has a great ring to it.”

Though confirming the correlation, scientists were at a loss to explain the phenomenon. Asked for his thoughts, Phil Hubcap said: “I have no idea on this but I do know a great deal when I see it, and this month at Phil Hubcap Toyota come on in and say ‘Phil’ and we’ll give you free car mats with every Camry purchased.”

Mark Williamson

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