Mike Pence Promises America Will Fund A Cure For Oxford Street

American Vice-President Mike Pence has promised Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that America will fund a cure for Sydney’s Oxford street. The promise came after the Vice-President  visited Sydney over the weekend and drove through Oxford Street on Sunday morning.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Prime Minister Turnbull spoke of Mr Pence’s offer, saying: “It’s very kind of Mike to offer to fund a cure for Oxford street. When he first raised the issue I did say that I didn’t believe that Oxford street and the gay community were sick.”

“However after consultation with my cabinet it was decided to accept the Vice-President’s generous offer to cure Oxford Street.”

Mr Pence when reached for comment said of his visit to Sydney: “I thank Australia for it’s hospitality. You have a good country that I hope to help make a great country, like America. God bless, now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to church to pray for a cure for Boy George. ”

Mark Williamson


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